Meet the Team



Woodworking Extraordinaire  •  Chef  •  Baby Daddy  •  Terrible Liar

Patrick likes to envision us working very stereotypically. In his mind, he pictures me sitting at my laptop blogging while drinking a glass of red and him woodworking and drinking aged whiskey simultaneously. This never pans out because the wine gets used to clear our gnats from the fruit bowl and Pat can’t drink whiskey and use power tools concurrently because he’d die. He also hates big words like concurrently.

Pat runs the creative show. Dude can draw for days, cook like he’s working for Gordon Ramsey (and wishes he was), and build whatever woodworking projects I throw at him. He’s the one with all the talents. When we started this show, I was having trouble figuring out what talent I had that I could use to contribute.



List Maker  •  Overthinker  •  Snow Aficionado  •  Hater of Help

I run the not-so-trendy, let me micromanage your life, show. I plan, make lists, and schedule everything so that our lives don’t get too chaotic. I make sure to overthink every aspect of our lives and/or I analyze like a boss. I am a jack of all trades, but a master of none. I hate small talk and plastic wrap.

I write this blog, but I am not a writer. Know with every post, I am not keeping grammar in mind. I am keeping parents in mind. There are probably comma splices all over creation and I definitely end many a sentence with a preposition. If you are here to learn where to properly place quotation marks, you have entered the wrong blog. 



Milk Addict  •  Master of Confusion  

Joe was born at a very young age and is still around to our surprise. He is the reason for all this mom experience. He is the reason for all this exhaustion. He likes dog food, coffee mugs, and the theme song to Gilmore Girls. 


Excellent Surprise  •  Ultimate (C)hunk

Reminder of how much I don’t enjoy baby phase, but also how much I love being a mom. Eater of toes, hater of sleep, my cutest baby yet. Will work for food.



Decreaser of World Suck  •  Psycho

Gilman enjoys long walks near the park and pissing all over our house. He can catch line drives and pop flies. Some would compare him to AirBud. He would jump off a bridge to his imminent death if he saw me do it first.


Regina George  •  Demander of Attention

Luna is comparable to a teenage girl that is glued to her phone who will occasionally glance up at you just to roll her eyes. She is positive that she is not a dog.