Antibiotics, What a Shit Show!

December 29, 2016

Joe is getting pretty good at trying out all the latest drug trends. He’s into amoxicillin, ceprozil, azythromicin, benadryl, albuterol, ofloxacin, claritin, and his current fav Cefdinir. If he weren’t a baby, I’d say an intervention was well overdue.

I never thought parenting would involve so many drugs. I mean I knew Joe would get sick, but I never would have anticipated this much sickness. He has had a cornucopia (yes, CORNUCOPIA) of illnesses. Bronchiolitis, RSV, rota virus, otitis, croup, GER, acid reflux, hives, and myoclonus to name a million. I think before Joe I was expecting Chicken Pox to be the big OH CRAP moment. Now I know more about these illnesses than anyone probably should. Google can be a horrible and wonderful tool as a parent.

Nevertheless, Joe has been on lots of different medicines and they have had lots of different effects on him. The main theme of antibiotics and Joe is lots and lots of explosive poops. If he is on an antibiotic, he will be pooping up his back and all over his clothes daily. Joe and I have done a rapid transition of roles. I have gone from being a shit show to managing one. The other day I was doing work on a little number he did after breakfast and he decided to roll over onto it. Shit everywhere. The dogs loved that. They are my back up cleaning crew. I know, gross, but effective.

Amoxicillin makes him have green, slimy poops. Cefdinir makes him have brick red explosive poops. Ceprozil just caused lots of gas. Either way, if he’s on antibiotics, the shit storms are a brewin’.

To manage such a shit show, it’s obviously common sense to give more liquids when that much is coming out the other end of him, but Joe hates pedialyte and juice. WEIRDO. So, if your kid, too, hates pedialyte and delicious juice, try water. I know, ground breaking stuff here. Joe likes water a LOT. He also will drink pedialyte if it is SUPER diluted.

Antibiotics wreak havoc on those little tummies, hence the explosive diarrhea, so a lot of people suggest a probiotic. Probiotics are expensive. Joe will eat whole milk yogurt which has lots of probiotics and doesn’t require applying for a loan.

And with all the poop don’t forget about diaper rash! Joe never really gets diaper rash unless he’s on antibiotics. We take baking soda baths and use Bourdeaux’s Butt Paste. That combo works until it doesn’t. Then, take that kid’s diaper off and let it loose. Put towels on the floor and just air it out. Joe loves running to a corner and peeing on the floor.

Enter baths. Baths are essential for blowouts. I wish I could just keep him in the tub all day when he’s having a poopy day. Soak that booty; it will seriously help.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way that antibiotics should kick in within 2-3 days. Joe has gone a lot longer without me contacting the doctor. Sorry, little dude.

Symptoms should alleviate (fever reducing, less irritability) by the 3rd day at the latest and if not, call your doctor. You can usually get them to change to something stronger and/or different over the phone. With this last bout of ear infection we are on the 3rd medicine and it’s finally working. Praise Jesus. Maybe he’ll sleep through the night tonight. Jokes! I’m f’n hilarious.

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