Here’s Your Mother’s Day Solution

May 11, 2017

Can’t decide what to get the woman who does god damn everything? Get her a beautiful table to put all those friggin’ home cooked meals on that she may or may not (me) cook. Buy her a table that is smooth as a baby’s bum, but never has blowouts or screams. Shower her with a timeless piece that will grow with your family and absorb the memories that are made around it. 

Convinced you yet? OR purchase said table, cook a meal for her, and then clean that table up along with the entire house, if you want to actually impress her. Maybe let her nap on the table? Just my personal, unbiased opinion. 

Pat just finished this table a few days ago. She’s a beaut. This table involves a little more farmhouse and a little less modern. It’s beautiful, yet not overly stated. It’s got curves in all the right places. It would be perfection in any home. Probably like your mother. 

The top is 34×65 and it is 30″ tall, which Pat says is standard table height. Which means…any regular chairs will work with it. The top is seriously beautiful, but I’m a sucker for white paint and stained wood. The colors offset each other so well. 

If you are interested in the table, give us a call at 618.559.6369. We are asking $500 for her and want her to go to a good home. If you are local, we’d be more than happy to drive her to you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women out there! Dog moms, human moms, non-moms, you all deserve a day!

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