Le Bar Á Vin

July 16, 2017

We do not speak French in our household. Although, Joe’s babbling is sounding very heavily French. Lots of non, oui, doux, and doué over here. Kid won’t speak a lick of English, but runs around yelling almost French words. Where the hell does he get this stuff?

Pat’s latest project is a wine bar or as Joe would say, “Le bar á vin”. It’s made out of butcher block which can be apparently very cheap and very pretty. My next kitchen countertops will be made of these bad boys. 

The surfaces of the wine bar were covered with an oak stain and then an ebony black stain to produce a rustic brown base color. Then, he took an old can of left over white paint that we had from our kitchen cabinet painting fiasco and mixed it with water. He used a foam brush to apply that over the stain, let it sit, and wiped it off. Viola. 

The butcher block is supported with industrial black pipe. Industrial pipe projects can come off as a little deceiving. You see lots of affordable Pinterest-y pipe projects all over the internet, but industrial pipe is not necessarily cheap depending on the project. 

Joe crawled right up to the wine and attempted to pour himself a glass. If that’s any indication of his teenage years, our future may be rough. And annoying if he’s drunk speaking French. Send us an email (shelby@tablemannersblog.com) or give us a call (618.559.6369) if you are interested in custom furniture. We support all your drinking habits. 

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