Weekend Vibes

Weekend Vibes

January 26, 2018

Perfect skin is wasted on children. Where are you going looking so dewey, Joe? The sandbox? Fucking circle time? Gimme that glow.


Weekly Recap

This week I wrote about the dark parts of motherhood. I got a really great response from you guys. It’s so nice that as women we are entering an era that is less scary for us to be honest and I am super grateful to all the women who came before us that got us here. I quite often think about motherhood before it became what it is now. Women didn’t talk about struggling, or complain, or bat an eye about their everyday life because no one paid them any attention. Motherhood wasn’t trendy; it was just life.

I often think about my mom and how she had it much rougher than I. Then, I think about my grandmothers who raised armies of children on their own and I wonder, “Are we stronger or weaker now as women?” Because I certainly couldn’t raise 7 children, watch some of them pass before me, and still bake bread every day. God damn, they were super people.

My week was pretty damn good again which still terrifies me. Noah doesn’t sleep, Joe runs around roaring, but somehow it feels better than it used to. Thanks, universe, for cutting me some slack.

(I also did a youtube video and I still feel very self-conscious about it, but, ya know, check it out.)

Hobbies Make You Happy

I had and still have every intention of somehow making money from this blog. Want to be transparent with the few of you who consistently return to this space. But I want to do it in a way that is helpful to others. I don’t want to push clothing, toys, home decor, etc. on you because I believe it doesn’t help anyone become happier. (Full disclousre that I love all of those things.) Monetizing this space in that way would seriously take the joy out of it for me.

This is a mom blog for real mom experience. I truly find connection here when I get to share my experience and then learn about yours. TRULY. Like no joke. I crave it.

When I share a post, I can’t wait to hear your comments and truthfully, if there are none, I get a little sad. I want to interact because sometimes it’s the only interaction I get. I can sometimes get down on myself that I spend so much time writing for Table Manners that I forget that I get quite a bit out of this little hobby. I get to interact with moms and learn about different experiences of motherhood. I love hearing from you. I love writing about my life as a mom. I love sharing motherhood.

This article kind of brought me back to solid ground with this blog. Things take time. Things that take the most time are usually worth waiting for. Right now Table Manners is a really good hobby and outlet for me and hopefully for you.

Joe Activities

  1. Play-Doh! We used his child-safe scissors and cut a bunch of play-doh worms into more worms. SO MANY WORMS. Boys, man.
  2. Used contact paper again. The kid likes stickers. I cut a fish out of construction paper and attached the contact paper and he stuck crap onto the fish. Joe particularly likes fish, but would recommend adjusting the “thing” to whatever your kid is into.
  3. TAPE. Made a shape of a tree on the kitchen floor. We put fake leaves on it, walked on it (Joe can’t follow the lines yet very well. Looks like a drunk.) and used it for trucks again.
  4. Balloon Tennis: Yep. Blew up a balloon and gave him the fly swatter. He hit that balloon around the house for a long time.
  5. Stuck a plastic container of rice out on the deck and threw his trucks in it along with some cups. Played with the sensory bin and threw rice everywhere.
  6. Put clothespins on a big kitchen bowl. Joe loves to figure this kind of shit out. He took them off, tried to put them back on, and generally was frustrated a lot, but frustration is good sometimes.
  7. We also had a tea party. I think you can figure that one out. If there’s water and ice involved, Joe is ABOUT IT.

The Menu

Sunday: Slow Cooker Beef White Enchiladas 

Monday: Asian Chicken Salad

Tuesday: Red Pepper Cashew Pasta

Wednesday: Sheet Pan Chicken with Red Potatoes

Thursday: Everything Greek Pork Pitas

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

















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