Weekend Vibes

Weekend Vibes

February 9, 2018

I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do -Michael Scott -also,Shelby Pals


Weekly Recap

After overdosing on ibuprofen on Monday, (don’t worry I’m not suicidal, just didn’t know it was even possible) I made my way to the doctor on Tuesday. I proceeded to wait for an hour to be seen. I laid my pathetic ass down on the waiting table. The IT crew decided it was time for a meeting. Meanwhile, I shivered for another 45 minutes waiting for someone to swab my throat. I go out to ask if they forgot about me, wearing sweatpants, 2 sweatshirts, my winter coat, and a scarf as big as a blanket, and the guy goes, “Oh, we’re in a meeting.”

Doctor takes my temperature. 102. Indicates I have a sinus infection. I, however, don’t clear for strep and I leave with advice to take a Zyrtec and some Tylenol.

I may never go to see a doctor ever again.

This week seems to never end. The going gets tough and I’m not getting tougher. Quite the opposite. Let’s all pray for a very slow weekend for all of us.

Dear God, These Words.

I feel a certain obligation to sort of stand up and be counted as a woman who has had kids and brought them up, and also done creative work, which — particularly in the arts — there does seem to be almost a sort of agreement that this can’t be done. …

“The fact is, creative work has replaced having a family for some women. That’s fine. Having a family has replaced creative work for other women. That’s fine. Then there are some of us who really need to do both and are perfectly capable of doing both…

“There is a time during one’s life when, if you are responsible for the care of your kids, it is very hard to do other creative work. You have to do it around the edges, in the middle of the night, or you never can get up before your kids, so it’s usually late at night. Or, if you have the money, you hire some kind of babysitter or some kind of child care.

“It’s hard. Your energy, your creative energies are being spread thin and strained. On the other hand, you are living an extremely rich life at the same time. And this is going to enrich your work, inevitably, I think. It may not seem so at the time, but … babies don’t stay babies for very long, whereas writers live for decades. …”

– Ursula K. Le Guin, 1929-2018

Things I Learned This Week

  1. Me being sick is far worse than anybody else getting sick in this house. It’s inconvenient, time-consuming, and really hard to recuperate when you already don’t sleep. It’s apparently a really bad flu season.
  2. I wish kids came with tubes already in their ears.
  3. Speech therapy is the TITS. Free babysitter, really cool person, and learning happens. A lot of wins. I know everyone says it, but don’t wait. I waited far too long. Plus, HOLY JESUS she makes me feel like a supermom.
  4. I’m so tired. I’m so tired. I’m so tired. When will I ever sleep again?
  5. We started doing circle time with movement. I know. SO MOM. But, it is the only thing that captures both of their attention when they are super crabby. I’d highly suggest it even though, in the beginning, it made me feel like a complete idiot dancing around like a shark or wiggling my butt in the air. I DO IT ALL FOR THE KIDS. But, really I do most of it for my own sanity.
  6. Chewing raw garlic is apparently very good for your immune system, but is equivalent to swallowing raw eggs. Disgusting.
  7. Currently listening to The Purple Cow.
  8. Currently reading Well, I Wonder. It is fucking amazing. I would highly recommend.
  9. We’re rearranging our entire house. It’s dumb because do we really need one more project? No. But, the boys get a playroom out of it. Hopefully, it’ll be a good thing.

The Menu

Sunday: Buffalo Chicken Chili

Monday: Autumn Salad

Tuesday: Spicy Caesar + Baked Potato – do not underestimate this meal

Wednesday: Mojo Chicken + Veggies

Thursday: Greek Hash

Friday: Breakfast Burritos + Home Fries

Saturday: Butter Lettuce Salad – Cravings Recipe

















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